Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000, 13 attachments, MG3750 Review

A Philips make quality man’s grooming products. This Norelco consists of high-quality shavers and multigroom series 3000 will allow men to do a variety of shaving and trimming chores with only one shaver. This is all in one trimmer with everything that you need. The trimmer includes 13 pieces to trim your face and head that include a full-size steel trimmer.

Features of Philips Norelco multigroom series 3000:

    • This is durable trimmer includes impact resistant cutting guards and a powerful lithium battery.
    • This is self-sharpening steel blades that will be reinforced with iron and also tempered for maximum strength.
    • The trimmer that includes a full metal motor and steel reinforces drive train.
    • This trimmer tempered steel blade will never break and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending while you trim.
    • This model offers more attachments and a faster-charging
    • It is easy to use, adjust and clean.
    • There is a small zip-shut accessories bag that included in the box to keep the various components together.
    • You can use it to have a great shave wet and also rinse it under the tap to clean it easily.
    • Philips has built it with high performance in mind and makes it easy to use.


  • 13 pieces to trim
  • Tempered steel blades
  • Work for mustaches
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Small zip accessories bag


  • Cutters and handle are not waterproof
  • Plastic guards can be rinsed only

Final verdict:

This is a great multipurpose shaver. It makes a great gift for the student and it can also be purchased as a secondary shaver for travel or you can keep it at the office when you need to look great for a meeting.

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