If you do not fancy getting a wild look that gives the impression that you have not bathed for a long time, you need to pay attention to trimming your beard in a proper manner. If you have a beard, it requires your attention. Letting it go completely would give you a rather unkempt and untidy look which is not appealing at all. Therefore, you need to endeavor to insure that you have a proper beard which is trimmed to perfection so as to provide you with a neat and impressive appearance. People often tend to be confused about the best way to trim the beard. Thus, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide that would make things a whole lot easier for you.

What should be done?

Before anything else, you need to make sure that optimal hygiene is maintained. Therefore, it is important that you wash your beard with beard shampoo on a regular basis. Various beard shampoos are available on the market and you could opt for one that suits your budget and fulfills the requirements that you have. You would then need to condition it. This could be done with the help of beard oil or balm as well. Not only would this serve to maintain hygiene, it would also make your beard soft which would make trimming a whole lot easier for you.

Once you wash your beard and condition it, allow it to dry. You would then have to brush it with the help of a brush comb. This would lead to your beard hairs stand up, making them more accessible and easier to trim. By this the inconsistencies, that might be present in the length of your beard, would be brought to light.

It is the clippers that you would need to make use of to trim everything so that an even length is attained. It is advisable to make use of a bigger guard so as to insure that you do not end up with shorter length than you wanted. Trimming the mustache requires a shorter guard since your nose would not allow using anything longer.

Mustache tends to be harder when it comes to trimming by means of the guard on the clippers unless you have very steady hands. Therefore, you should comb all the hairs of your mustache in the downward direction over the upper lip and then use bare clippers to trim away the hairs that cover the lip. You could make use of mustache scissors if your hands are not steady enough.

It is trimming the neckline which is perhaps the most important part and the one that tends to be the most difficult one as well. Your beard style would be heavily compromised if you end up ignoring the neckline or trim it in the wrong manner. Stopping too close to the jawbone would give you the appearance of having a double chin; and if it goes down your neck, it would give you a new look altogether. Therefore, trimming the neckline is something that needs to be given quite a bit of attention.

The best way to do this would be to trim it to around one-inch band above the region of your Adam’s apple. This insures that the style of your beard is not affected and your neck is visible to a certain extent as well. To do so, you would have to place two fingers above the Adam’s apple and imagine a point at the top of your fingers from where an imaginary line would need to be drawn toward the behind of each ear, leading to creation of a U shape. Everything below this spot should be shaved off completely.

Keep in mind that nothing above this line should be shaved. You should have hairs around the jawbone as well as on the underside of the chin.

In case you want to fade your beard, you would have to set your clippers at half the length of your preferred setting. Make use of a shorter clip to trim from the neckline around one inch around the base of the beard. This would allow you to fade the beard more closely. Proceed by halving it again to fade another half an inch from the skin to the medium point. It is essential to keep in mind that for fading, longer lengths of beard is required.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that the hairs of the beard need to be combed. Make use of the best beard oil which is profound in quality and would serve to provide your hairs the nutrients that they require. It would also soften the beard. Use a beard comb so that the oil is distributed evenly throughout the beard. The beard comb would also be used to style the beard back into place. This insures that there are no strays that got left behind while you were trimming. In case there are any strays, you could use your scissors to take care of them.

Adequate attention needs to be given

It is rather important to make sure that you give sufficient attention to your beard. Simply growing a beard is not enough. If you leave your beard on its own, it would grow in a rather haphazard manner, spoiling any effect that you were hoping to achieve. Therefore, maintenance of the beard is something that needs to be given adequate attention. Similarly, you would need to make sure that your beard is cleaned in a proper manner so that hygiene is not compromised. Keeping a beard is a lot of hard work. It requires quite a bit of nurturing. Therefore, make sure that this is something that you are prepared for before you keep a beard. Failure to do so would only make things difficult for you and make growing a beard an unpleasant experience. Therefore, be well aware of what you are signing up for before you grow a beard.