Beards have the tendency to go rather wild if left on their own. If you are not careful about the maintenance of your beard, you would end up with a rather unkempt look that would make you look unappealing. Therefore, if you have decided to keep a beard, it is rather important that you learn how to shape it. Not many are able to grasp the concept of shaping a beard. We are thus going to provide you with a little assistance in this regard so that the process would become a whole lot simpler for you.

The suitable shape

The first thing that you need to decide is which beard shape would be suitable for you. There are no special sets of rules and regulations that you would need to follow for the purpose. In the end, it all comes down to which shape you are comfortable with and the shape that would complement your looks. It is advisable to opt for the shape that would go well with your face. For instance, those who have a narrow face would be able to carry off a big heavy beard. Similarly, those with a wider face could opt for a wider beard with ease. Thus, to summarize, it is your facial bone structure that you would need to pay heed to.

The connection between beard hairs & the hairs on your head

If you are contemplating getting a beard, it would be a good idea to allow your head hairs to grow a bit longer too. Short hairs on your head with close-cropped beard look just fine, but the same cannot be said about short hair in combination with longer beards. It is important to strike some kind of balance which would make it certain that your face does not come across asymmetrically. Therefore, to get the looks right, it is advisable to make sure that your facial hairs and the hairs on the head go well together so that nothing appears out of proportion.

What to do?

For shaping a beard, trimming is something that needs to be done at all costs. Failure to do so would only give freedom to the beard hairs to grow whichever way they want which is not something you would want to happen. Therefore, endeavor to make sure that you trim your beard at regular interval. To make this process simpler, you ought to wash your beard regularly, condition it, and then make use of the best beard oil or cream which would make the beard hairs softer. Not only would this provide your beard the nutrients that it requires, but it would also serve to make the process of trimming easier for you.

Trimming could be easy if you make use of a clipper with a guard. If you have a heavy beard, this is a tool that you would find worth purchasing since it would make things quite feasible for you. It would enable you to take off a large portion of your beard to avoid making it look heavy with a lot of ease. Which of the guards you would want to make use of among the various ones present on the market is something that you would have to decide on your own. One approach that you could try out to find the perfect length would be to start using longer sizes of guards and then reducing it gradually to find the length that works for you.

You could also make use of a pair of scissors and opt for the scissors over the comb method to get optimal precision in your cutting. Another option is to combine the two approaches and make use of the best beard trimmer on the lower setting, and work with it in combination with a comb. It might take some time before you are able to find the method that works for you.

The task of shaping

If you want to grow a full beard, you would need to determine the point where your head hairs end, and the beard begins. This area is called the sideburns. This is something that quite a few men fail to give attention to, and thus they end up with too many hairs around their ears. If you know your way around clippers, you could use it to create a taper. An ideal approach would be to blend the hairs which is something that you would be able to do with ease using a clipper. You could commence by taking a little hair at a time till an acceptable taper is attained. This would take some time getting used to.

Now let us talk about the region of the neck. Getting the neck region right is important. Too high of a neckline could give you an unnatural look while a lower one could make you look unkempt. A good way to do the neck would be to allow the neckline to be an extension down from the region of the curve of the ear. The hairs should pass a bit above the Adam’s apple.

Busy mustache might make all your hard work futile. Therefore, pay attention to the area around your mouth while shaping your beard. The mustache should not be allowed to go over the upper lip. A pair of rounded scissors could be used for the purpose of trimming the area. While trimming the area around the soul patch, you would need to be careful and make use of the narrow head attachment of the clipper.

Getting the look right

Beards could make you look rather hot, provided that you are careful about their maintenance and shape. Keep in mind that the beard requires nurturing. It requires discipline and a bit of practice. You might have to experiment quite a bit before you manage to get the look right. The good news is that you get plenty of chances and thus the method of trial and error is open for you.