Kent 81T- Men’s Handmade Beard/Moustache Comb, X-Small Review

The Kent 81T is made from cellulose acetate and hand buffed to eliminate any potential rough edges on its teeth. Kent combs are known for their sturdiness, quality and excellence finish and holding one lets you know that they are handmade. A simple beard comb is great for straightening out facial hair to create a great new style. A great combo is necessary for getting rid of tangles and it will make you real men.

Features of Kent 81T men’s handmade beard mustache comb:

    • This particular Kent mustache and beard comb have a really great feature that makes it one of the best choices.
    • Kent comb is small size and it is versatile.
    • It gets windy and that can ruin a well-maintained groom with a few gusts of air.
    • This Kent comb is convenient because it is small and it actually fits into pockets.
    • It really appeals and comes to the particular mustache and beard comb is its rugged build.
    • The plastic build of this mustache and beard comb is really great because it is waterproof and logged with beard moisture.
    • This comb actually works the best for mustache because it is precise.



  • Ideal size for pockets
  • Durable and plastic
  • Great for short beard and mustache hair
  • Good for straightening facial hair


  • Not perfect for extremely long hair
  • Better for mustaches than beards

Final verdict:

If you have a problem with keeping your beard well maintained then you want to consider Kent 81T is one of the best combs. This is the great tools for straightening the beards. This is the best to get a beard comb-like Kent comb that will keep you looking sharp and spiffy.

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