Beard Trimming Scissors by Beaver Scooter – Great for Beard Grooming and Mustache Trimming – 5.5″ Professional Barber Scissors Review

If you grow a mustache then chances are that you want to keep your stache neat and out of your mouth. Find the best trimming scissors that will help you to keep that mustache well groomed at home or traveling.

Features of beard trimming scissors by Beaver Scooter:

    • This is a pair of 5.5 inch long scissors that designed specifically for trimming facial hair.
    • These black scissors are handcrafted from the steel and that will have a convenient grip to help you to control each snip of the scissors.
    • They also sharp and stay for a long time and handmade from Japanese steel.
    • This scissors will cut mustache and beard hairs efficiently and effectively.
    • They are extremely well made and it will provide them with a precise cut. They also sharp and have an excellent finish.
    • It also has larger holes that make it convenient with big hands. The comb is a nice addition to the scissors.
    • This is a good product and it is well known for its quality and service.
    • These scissors will be well made and extremely sharp.


  • Great look
  • Comes with a nice storage
  • Work well


  • They were too small
  • It is not sharp enough

Final verdict:

This is the best selling mustache scissors and beard trimming scissors. These scissors are made from high-quality Japanese steel. It offers you the opportunity to keep your beard at a longer length and give you a unique look. If you are looking for a great beard trimming scissor then this beard trimming scissors by beaver scooter is the best.

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