Apothecary 87, Conditioning Beard Oil for the Manliest of Man Beards, Made in England – Vanilla and Mango, 10 Ml (0.34 Fl Oz) Review

This is one of the apothecary 87 newer products on the scene. Most of them will have a great experience by using their products so it will be quite normal to have high hopes for this new product. This oil is named after one of the most famous beards men online. This may be first time delving into beard oil and it has turned out to be indeed. This oil is made with similar base properties and ingredients.

Features of the apothecary 87, conditioning beard oil for the manliest of man beards:

The features of the apothecary 87 conditioning, one of the best beard oil for the manliest of man beards are

  • The oil possesses a quite nice consistency and gets absorbed into the facial hairs well.
  • Only a few drops are needed to get the job in order for your beard and mustache to get the moisture.
  • The vanilla and mango from apothecary 87 exceeded all of the expectations.
  • It is gentle on the skin and nourishing for it as well.
  • You will get instant softness into your facial hairs that you can experience the benefit of the oil.
  • Rub the oil gently through your beard you will realize how pleasant it feels and rubbing it onto your skin around the hair that you can feel your skin becoming softer and nicely.


  • Excellent scent
  • Good quality
  • Easy to apply
  • It holds well for several hours


  • Hairs will not stick together
  • Though the glass jar is difficult


This beard oil will be the scent and apothecary 87 has a strong hold. This model will be undoubtedly worth the money. This beard oil has a price quality trade off will be quite good.

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